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Doroller flour equipment

Vertical Air Drafting Duct

The sample is vertical air drafting duct, which is mainly applied for separating the light impurities in the raw grains, such as shells, empty grains, grass seeds, sand, dust, etc.

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Wheat Scourer

Wheat flour machine is one of Wheat Scourer used for removing the clod which size is same with the wheat, fur of the wheat surface, residue of heavy metal and medicine. It can improve the quality of the flour effectively.

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Plane Rotating Sifter

Plane Rotating Sifter is TQLM series flat rotary screen. It is to separate bigger impurities and smaller impurities than wheat from the wheat making use of the rotation of the screen body. It adopts the enclosed screen body, featuring good air tightness a

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Destoner,Rice Destoner

Rice Destoner is the TQSF series gravity grade stoner for destoner. Destoner is new and efficient multi-functional cleaning equipment to separate stone from the cereals under the comprehensive function of vibrating, screening and airflow.

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Wheat Brusher

The FSMJ40 system wheat brusher or Wheat cleaning machine is used for the flour factory mainly, cleaning the wheat and other particle, ash at the surface. Remove the skin and wheat germ. The machine is adopt cylinder 360 degree, so it has high efficient f

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Mix Damper

Mix Damper is for wheat flour of wheat cleaning flow of water regulation of main equipment, water wheat water evenly, enhanced bran toughness, reduction of endosperm strength, reducing bran and Endosperm in cohesive force

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Magnetic Separator

Magnetic Separator normally dry Magnetic Separator is used for getting rid of magnetic metal impurity in wheat,corn raw material, to protect other machines in production line or in order to ensure safety at work.

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H-efficient Vibrating Sifter

H-efficient Vibrating Sifter or High efficiency vibration screen sifter or vibration screen sifter used for screening, filtering, grading and removing impurity for all kinds of powder, particle, and liquid.

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