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Doroller flour equipment

Air Suction Separator

The TXFL series air suction separator is used for removing the light impurities ( such as: grain skin, dust and so on) from the grain material ( such as: wheat, rice, corn, oil material and so on). It is suitable for the grain depot, flour milling plant,

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Pulse Filter

The pulse filter is a kind of bag file that uses fabric (filter bags) and pulses of compressed air to remove dust, and it has a large filtering area. So ,its perfectly for fine dust, and it is the preferred device for secondary.

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Roots Blower

Roots blower widely used in electricity, petroleum, steel industry, smelling, food,oxygen making, spinning, vacuum packing, paper making, aquaculture, sewage treatment, pneumatic conveying.

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Air Lock

TGFY series new air lock is the indispensable and important equipment in the pneumatic transmission, ventilation and dust removal; which can blown the powder or grain material on the negative pressure into atmosphere continuously.

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High Pressure Fan

TY new efficient high pressure fan, high wind pressure, air pressure, ventilation volume stability, low noise, smooth operation. Mainly applicable to the processing of wheat 100-400 tons of wheat flour production line of pneumatic conveying.

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